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by Hank Friedman

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All About Kepler

Decades ago, Kepler astrology software started as a DOS program. Over time, it has evolved into one of the foremost Windows astrology programs. It has excellent accuracy, the best time-change atlas on the planet, a truly huge range of features both for beginnners and more advanced astrologers, and lovely artistic chart wheels.

From the beginning, the program was designed to make it easy for astrologers and writers to create their own interpretive reports, and as a result, many astrologers created hookup near me reports and decided to market them as add-ons to Kepler. Both the quality and quantity of these add-on reports kept growing, so today the best and largest collection of add-on interpretive reports work within Kepler.

[Even I created my Evolving Sky transit report as an fuck chat add-on to Kepler, because it was simple to do.]

Kepler has such a wide range of features that it is almost impossible to mention them all.

For beginners, the program has:

1. 47 lessons in astrology, a dictionary of technical terms, and numerous other articles so that those just learning astrology can get up to speed.

2. Many sets of interpretations built-in to the software including short natal, transit, compatibility, numerology, harmonic, and chart theme reports, plus longer Vedic, degree-meaning, and relocation reports.

3. Theme astromaps. Novices in astromapping love to be able to look at maps that show where to go, travel to, or relocate to in order to augment a specific life theme. For example, one can create a theme astromap for places to go to for love or for inspiration.

4. Time Theme Graphs. Let's say you want to look at the upcoming period for when you are going to be prone to accidents, or have better business or athletic performance. Kepler's Electional Forecast features lets you select from 14 different life themes and view graphs showing the rise and fall of each theme.

5. The TimeLine Profile similarly offers a graph of 14 themes (taking into account either transiting aspects alone or with midpoints) all at the same time:

6. The Live Mini Reading. An actual spoken chart interpretation, of the harmonic themes of any birth chart.

7. Point-and-click Western chart and Vedic chart delineations. One can click on any planet in a Western or Vedic chart to pop up a window giving interpretations on that point.

8. A huge collection of charts. Kepler includes thousands of charts i.e. for famous people, the IPO's of companies, major events, and more.


9. Lovely Art Wheels. The makers of Kepler recently added to the program a collection of beautiful chart pages suitable for framing.

For more advanced astrologers, the software has:

1. All of the standard calculations. You can create natal, transit, progressed, return, harmonic, relocated, and composite charts, as well as view biwheels, triwheels, and quadwheels.

2. Advanced Astromapping Functions. Kepler has Eclipse maps, Sky maps, and wide range of astromaps, including the option of showing map lines for major and minor aspects, midpoints, asteroids, and transneptunians, as well as local space maps, geodetic and zodiac sign maps, and map lines with orbs.

3. Simple and Advanced Research Features. The basic functions include the ability to find those on file who have a planet in a specific house, sign, mode, element, aspect, retrograde, etc. The more advanced research capabilities, include using the built-in (or creating your own) astrological formulae for analyzing natal charts, predictive themes, or compatibility themes.

4. Special Charts. One can view charts that include Fixed Stars, Arabic Parts, midpoints, or asteroids, and charts dedicated to specific schools of astrology including Vedic charts, Medieval charts, and Huber charts.

5. Powerful Compatibility Tools. The program offers the unique ability to see the midpoints between two charts, harmonic aspects between two charts, and a compatibility scores report showing how two people mesh according to 8 criteria.

6. Many additional functions. An astroclock that updates a chart in real time, text and graphic ephemeride, music of the spheres, planets in gauquelin sectors, essential dignities, firdaria, parans, Arabic parts, fixed star conjunctions and aspects, and many more capabilities are present in Kepler.

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