Kepler 5.0

by Hank Friedman

This is a short mention of the feature of Kepler 5.0 from my SoftStar News column:

Kepler version 5.0 was released in early December 2001. This new version introduced beautiful "art wheels", i.e. birth charts with lovely backgrounds, an improved TimeLine that shows the exact dates of events, Vedic Varga charts, shad bala, and gochara; the 18,000+ famous charts are now nicely categorized so you can access the category of charts desired for chart analysis or research, asteroid ephemeris printing, transiting and progressed declinations in a graphic ephemeris, paran listings, fixed star listing expanded to over 8,000 objects, Sabian Symbol interpretations, and more.

Cosmic Patterns continues to have the best upgrade policies of any company. All of the reports that you own from Cosmic Patterns are automatically updated for free each time you purchase a new Kepler update. Even better, the Kepler internal electronic atlas, which automatically inserts the correct coordinates and time zone of every city you enter, is revised and improved in every new Kepler version. (Making Kepler the program with the most accurate time-change atlas in the World.)

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